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  • Klimakompressor Lager Mercedes A0069813601 10PA15C
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Bearing for air conditioning compressor belt pulley Mercedes-Benz W124 W126 W201 W463 A 006 981 36 01

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Encapsulated branded compressor bearing in original quality for the belt pulley of the Denso 10PA15C & 10 P15C air conditioning compressors.


  • New, double-row branded deep groove ball bearing according to A 006 981 36 01 (with steel cage and double seal - 2RS)

Comparison numbers (compressor):

Manufacturer comparison number
Denso 10PA15C
Denso 10P15C
Mercedes-Benz A 006 981 36 01
A 003 131 95 01
Mercedes-Benz A 102 131 00 01
Mercedes-Benz A 000 230 11 11
Mercedes-Benz A 000 230 11 11
Mercedes-Benz A 000 230 24 11
Mercedes-Benz A 004 131 13 01

Matching vehicles

Manufacturer Type
Mercedes-Benz W124
Mercedes-Benz W126
Mercedes-Benz W201
Mercedes-Benz W463
Mercedes-Benz W461

assembly instruction

Depending on the engine, it can be fitted while the vehicle is installed. Duration approx. 30 minutes. To do this, please follow the steps below:

  • Remove drive disc (SW 10)
  • Remove circlip
  • Remove pulley
  • Push out the bearing
  • Insert new bearing
  • Reinstall the belt and drive pulley
  • If necessary, lower the compressor, cooling medium does not have to be extracted

Legal notice

Due to the self-assembly, there is no liability and warranty for damage. Please understand that pressed or mounted roller bearings can no longer be returned. The item is not sold on behalf of the named manufacturer and does not constitute a service provided by the manufacturer.