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  • Getriebelage VW 002517185
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Koyo transmission differential bearing for Audi A1, VW 002 517 185M

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High-quality branded differential bearing (Koyo) for VW corresponding to 002 517 185M.


  • 1x differential tapered roller bearing (Koyo) consisting of inner cone & outer ring

    Comparison numbers

    Manufacturer comparison number
    VW 002 517 185M
    VW 002517185
    VW 002517185A
    VW 002517185D
    VW 002517185

    Matching engine variants

    Manufacturer Type
    Audi A1 (8X1, 8XK)
    VW DTY: TDI, with ABS, without lock
    DTZ: TDI, with ABS, with lock
    DUB: TDI, no ABS, no lock
    DUA: TDI, without ABS, with lock
    CNC: AAB/5-cyl./Petrol, with ABS, without lock
    CZT: AAB/5-cyl./Petrol, with ABS, with lock
    CZV: AAB/5-cyl./Petrol, without ABS, without lock
    VW CZU: AAB/5-cyl./Petrol, without ABS, with lock

    Legal notice

    Due to the self-assembly, there is no liability and warranty for damage. The item is not sold on behalf of the named manufacturer and does not constitute a service provided by the manufacturer.