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Gasket set for air conditioning Mercedes-Benz W124 S124 C124 W201 S201

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Air conditioning seal set for Mercedes-Benz series W124, S124, C124, W201 & S201.
Gasket set consisting of 9 HNBR Refrigerant sealing rings (suitable for refrigerant R134A). Installation, tightness and fit are checked.


  • 9 air conditioning sealing rings for the connections of the air conditioning:
    • Condenser dryer (2x)
    • Dryer expansion valve (2x)
    • Expansion valve to the compressor (1x)
    • Pressure line (1x)
    • Pressure switch on dryer (2x)
    • Suction line (1x)

comparison numbers

Manufacturer comparison number
Mercedes-Benz A 140 997 06 45
Mercedes-Benz A 140 997 09 45
A 140 997 11 45
Mercedes-Benz A 140 997 08 45

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